Singapore is well known as a food paradise, and rightly so. Whether Asian, Western or Mediterranean dishes titillate your senses, the wide range of cuisines ensures that food will be one of your least concerns during your stay here.

What better way to understand a country and its culture through partaking of its unique food offerings? Within walking distance from our hotel, Chinatown is where many of the Chinese immigrants once congregated together, and thus hawker centres and restaurants abound here today. Drawing inspiration from various provinces in China, some of the more popular food include Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew dishes. Do check out our hotel walking map here.

Little India is famous for its Indian food. Fish head curry is a celebrated dish, and other local favourites include vegetarian food, roti prata and teh tarik (pulled tea), which is a sight to behold as it is an amazing display of showmanship. There are many goldsmith shops in this area, so take your time to look through the different offerings before making your decision. For those curious about clothing, sari is quite representative of Indian culture, so be sure to purchase one if something catches your fancy! Moreover, Little India can be reached within 25 minutes using the public transport.

Further afield, Geylang Serai has been a predominantly Malay precinct since olden times. Bask in its rich history and culture as you explore the shops and restaurants. Colourful ethnic handicrafts and Malay costumes can be purchased at reasonable prices. The Geylang Serai Market is one of the landmarks of this area. Fresh produce can be bought here, and many stalls also sell traditional Malay food like nasi padang, nasi lemak and mee siam. Geylang Serai can be reached within 40 minutes using the public transport.

Kindly approach our friendly hotel staff and they will be most glad to assist you on using the comprehensive public transport in Singapore.